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In today’s’ fast-changing, highly competitive marketplace identifying top candidates has never been so challenging. Skillset mismatches, falsified resume(s), and proxy interviews have plagued the industry causing hiring nightmares. Sapphirus Systems developed a intelligent matching AI platform (‘Intellimatch’) that finds the right talent in the shortest time. Intellimatch empowers our HR by providing the right set of tools to shortlist the best in the stack of applicants.

This user – friendly platform blocks out fake and under-qualified applicants from large pools of candidates – all of it in an impressively short – time. We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on the top candidates. Some of the Key benefits we have found using this approach is to reduce cost – per – hire by 30% – 45 %, reduce new hire turnover by 20% – 30 %, reduce time – to – hire by 25 % – 40% and improve quality hires and streamline the hiring process.

At Sapphirus, we have the tools and skilled resources to tap into this massive data to generate a pool of talent which otherwise remain hidden. We understand what it takes to identify who that talent is and how they can be engaged.