Off - Shore

Sapphirus has been providing cutting edge solutions to clients on a various level throughout the globe. With some of the best Engineering minds on our team, we will exceed your expectations.

At Sapphirus, we strive to build systems that are of high quality, flexible, simple and easier to maintain. We have experience in multiple environments, including hardware platforms, operating systems, network architectures, protocols, databases, programming languages, and development frameworks.

In our pursuit to provide quick, simple and economical solutions, Sapphirus systems developed their proprietary toolkit “AppDynamo”. AppDynamo can be used to generate database code (stored procedures, triggers, etc) for most common databases Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase etc. Also, the toolkit includes data access layer code generators for Java, C#, Perl and PHP to interface with most databases. Using the tools, we can quickly prototype and build applications and systems that meet the unique business requirements. The code that is generated by the toolkit can be used independently without the need to use the toolkit at runtime. In other words, the overall solution maintainability is not jeopardized by adding more dependencies.

Proper Application Testing, Production Support, and Maintenance are essential to make sure there is a high return on the investment business makes in IT. Sapphirus consultants with their automation skills and attention to detail, can help test and support the complex IT applications. We can proactively monitor live applications to make sure any exceptions are resolved promptly to minimize business impact. Any enhancements needed to accommodate the changing business requirements will be implemented diligently so the solution remains relevant to the dynamic business needs.