Arizona State University Prep Digital

A globally renowned K-12 Program with a blend of college courses

Arizona State University (ASU), the most innovative university in America has introduced ASU Prep Digital. ASU Prep Digital is a unique blend of high school and college classes that help students around the world graduate faster at a reduced cost, all from the comfort of their home.

Arizona State University Prep Digital has partnered with Sapphirus to help students in India obtain a Diploma from the No. 1 public university in the US – ASU. The Diploma will provide preferential admission to Arizona State University and students can finish 20-30% of their undergraduate courses all from their home. This program prepares students around the globe for acceptance at leading universities while helping them explore their career interest through the personalized pathway in Science, Technology, Engineering, Business, and Arts discipline.

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ASU Prep Digital Diploma Program
Earn a diploma from Arizona State University Prep Digital when you complete 6 credit hour while exploring your career interest through our personalized pathways. The diploma will provide preferential admission to Arizona State University.
Faculty comprising of Nobel Prize Winners
Nobel Prize Winners. Pulitzer Prize Winners. Fullbright Advisors. MacArthur Colleague. Get taught from some of the finest professors in the world. Pick the classes that excite you and learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home.
Accelerated graduation
Complete 20-30 % of the classes required to complete your undergraduate degree while you remain in India. This will enable you to graduate in 2.5 - 3 years resulting in accelerated graduation and helping you save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Save at least ₹ 22,55,959 when you get a Diploma from ASU Prep Digital

With tuition fee on the rise every year, ASU Prep Digital is designed to help students save tens of thousand. As we can see, average annual tuition fee at public (out of state institution) is ₹ 15,03,973 and ₹ 24,80,731 at a private institution. These numbers are exclusive of living, insurance, and miscillenouus cost.

When you complete the Diploma from ASUPD, you can save tuition fee worth 1.5 years which amounts to estimated ₹ 22,55,959 if you plan to attend a public university or ₹ 37,21,096 if you plan to attend a private institution.

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